About Us

MJD Patient Communications has a 25 year proven track record of providing Effective, Affordable, Patient-Friendly products, as well as and web design and marketing services. MJD is based in Bethesda, MD.


  • First we keep things simple by matching you to a website style that reflects your taste.
  • Then we coordinate your brand identity into the design, content and layout.
  • We make your development site available to you for review while we build it out.
  • That way edits and modifications can be made on a daily basis so there are no surprises when we go live.
  • License our copyrighted content or provide your own.
  • On Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is included. Off site Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is optional
  • Then we take care of the back end maintenance and provide monthly edits as requested.


Please call 301-657-8010 if you have any questions about our services.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Michael Dougherty – President
Karen Simmons – Vice President

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