• Grab Your Visitor's Attention
  • Engage Visitors Through Storytelling
  • Entertain and Inspire
  • Convert Visitors into Patients

Increase Procedures

MJD Looping Procedure Videos are the fastest, most efficient way to educate patients about what you do while they wait to see you.

M any practices use Flat Screen TVs to display their procedure videos publicly and privately with their patients. With hundreds of our Procedure Focus Videos in use worldwide since 2007, we know patients love them. Many Smart TVs play our videos from a simple USP plugged into the TV. No DVD required!**

Our Website Video License provides a simple, clean design that let’s your content take center stage – on mobile phones, tablets, computer or connected TVs. Send your videos to patients and contacts to shorten sales cycles and reduce friction in the conversion process. Give us a call 301-657-8010.

Our optional practice introductions educate new patients and
remind existing patients why they should select you as their provider.

Dermatology Video Introductions

Plastic and Cosmetic Video Introductions

Dental Video Introductions

Plastic and Cosmetic Video Introductions

Dental Video Introductions

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